Swimming in itself is already fun. Add the word “celebration,” and you’re going to have a lot of fun! Check out these pool festivals that are worth your time.

Splash House


If you want an event that has a more festive environment, you should attend Splash House. This is more than just a pool festival. It’s a music festival too, and it’s one of the most anticipated summer pool parties in California.

World-class artists of Coachella even attend Splash House! The experience will make you crave for more. The festival highlights night parties, morning yoga sessions, and a lot of dancing! Seriously, it has taken the term “pool party” to the next level.

If you want your weekend to be filled with great music, a lot of dancing, and non-stop swimming, you better invite your close friends and attend this crazy pool festival! The celebration is nothing but entertaining. The good times will just continue rolling at this festival. No one ever leaves this pool party with a sad face. If you don’t believe me, then attend and see for yourself!

Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF)

This festival, which occurs every year from late September to mid-October, lasts for 11 days and shows a broad variety of dramas plus non-fiction films from more than 40 countries.

This film festival features filmmaking from across the globe. It’s the festival to go to if you want to see something innovative and fresh in a film.

The screenings are held in the cinemas in Reykjavík, but mind you, they even show movies in interesting places like swimming pools! That’s right; you get to swim while watching a film! That just doubles the fun. You have to thank Icelanders for this perfect combination you just found out.

The Meriton Festival Village


Although this event has already been conducted last January in Sydney, we’re hoping the Meriton Festival Village will do what they did again! What did they do? Well, they only turned a few shipping containers into pop-up swimming pools! If you want something different while still feeling comfortable, you have to attend this kind of pool festivals. It’ll help you rejuvenate while you appreciate the water, art, and more!

Hideout Festival Pool Parties

hideout-pool-partyTake a break and attend Hideout! Although this festival isn’t just about pools, it still offers a lot of entertainment for everyone. It’s a yearly electronic event that brings 150 of the planet’s best artists together for five days and five nights of fun. The pool parties here are unlike the pool parties you’ve ever attended before. Anyone with a Hideout ticket can join the pool parties, and these parties run every single day, which means you can always enjoy the sun and water while surrounded by great people and a great environment! To tell you the truth, Hideout has redefined the meaning of pool parties.

Wanna know the secret of the success of these festivals? Those who maintain the pool read the swimpool maintenance guide! They keep the pools safe for all swimmers by knowing how to keep the pool thoroughly clean and ready for every party. Hooray for clean pools!