The Best Welding Festival Ever

The Best Welding Festival Ever

Welding might be considered utterly scientific by some, but actually, it’s also a form of art. The techniques are the proof of this statement.

Shielded-metal-arc-weldingAnd because it’s an art, it’s also being celebrated around the world. There are competitions and fairs that highlight performances and crafts made by ingenious welders who have shown their passion for welding. With their inventive minds, protective boots, rough hands, and quality welding machines (go to WeldingChamps for more info), they bring success to welding festivals.

Although there have been numerous welding festivals held all over the planet, there’s one metal fair you should attend to, and that’s the SCRAP Detroit-Welding Festival.

This annual event started in the year 2014 and has been taking over parking lots and outdoor spots ever since. It’s an arts festival that showcases Detroit’s metalworking culture from welding to blacksmithing. Even if you’re not a welder, you’ll surely enjoy this fun event.


The welding competition is the highlight of the event, and for last year, the theme was none other than “bikes.” All the sculptures made by the 12 teams of welders were based on the topic, and the creativity of welders surely got fired up during the festival. A silent auction is also held after the competition, enabling the visitors to bid on the artworks that were created right in front of them. Artists were challenged to make kinetic and revolving sculptures out of scrap—one thing that contributes to the waste reduction movement.

What makes this festival the best is the fact that all proceeds coming from the auction are donated to Green Living Science, which is a recycling and upcycling advocacy group. The group is also one of the festival’s supporters.

bike-sculptureThe fair runs for a half a day and is free for everyone. It’s also an excellent place for families to enjoy face painting, as well as arts and crafts activities. There was even a bicycle race last 2017! Isn’t that amazing? If you failed to attend last year’s SCRAP festival, don’t worry; you can look forward to this year’s. And since it usually happens in the third quarter of the year, you still have enough time to save money for a sculpture!