Is there a proper way to celebrate festivals? Well, yes there is! Otherwise, this article wouldn’t exist! Here are the things you must keep in mind to celebrate festivals better:

Research about it


Just like what you do before purchasing a pipe threading machine, you also have to research about the festival. What’s the history behind the celebration? Some of us may not even know the reason why a festival is being held. But seriously, you need to understand why that festival exists. Why? Because you’ll enjoy and appreciate a celebration even more if you know the right information. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be among the ignorant people who have no idea, would you? Come prepared. At least if someone asks you about the festival, say a foreigner or a child, you’ll know what to answer. Plus, festivals are a part of our culture, so it’s not only about treating the festival essential but also about seeing the significance of our culture. Don’t be a loser; know what you should know about the festival!

Celebrate with your loved ones

Future Music Festival 2013 If you had arguments with one or some of your relatives, be sure to cut the negative string between you. Cut as if those were pipes that needed cutting—no matter how hard they are, there will still be a tool that could split them. It’s best to celebrate with people you adore because festivals are not only for entertainment but also a showcase of love and respect for people. You’ll also be able to have more fun if there’s no hatred in your heart and if you have a clear mind. Festivals deserve your undivided attention because they don’t always come around. They’re usually conducted once a year, so be sure to enjoy them with a joyful heart.


Festivals are also excellent events for meeting new people and finding new friends. Festivals bring together different kinds of people from different neighborhoods. They make dads pause their TV watching; they make teenagers log out of their social media, and bring introverts outside their rooms even just for a while. These celebrations enable you to have fun with others and to enjoy your time, live in the moment while being surrounded by people who have the same purpose as you. Festivals encourage people to socialize, be friendly, and be approachable. After all, there’s no room for loneliness at a festival!

Have fun but be respectful

Of course, make sure you’re happily celebrating the event! It would be more meaningful if you know your heart feels light and when you’re comfortable. But remember, when you have fun, be mindful of others as well. Don’t jeopardize others’ experiences just to increase your unreasonable happiness in a festival.

Share the experience with others

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival 2014 in Taiwan

It’s more fun to share the experience with others through social media or word of mouth after the festival. It’s just like finally figuring out the best pipe threading machine out there and telling everyone how excellent it is. However, there’s a limitation when it comes to sharing on social media because using your phone too much at a celebration can decrease the fun you can actually get from the festival. Sharing the experience is a great way to inform others about the festival so that there will be more people the next time it’ll be held. And you know what they say, the more, the merrier.